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The store

The store.

In the far away from the metropolitan loom and mysterious roads, the most green and ecological area of Moscow, the city of Zelenograd, the EcoIntellect internet store appeared.

The place of birth of our company is not accidental, because the glorious city of Zelenograd is often called Green Grad, and those who live here know that we have many forests, parks and squares. The streets are clear and the locals are always welcome. Only, despite such a green name, it is difficult to find home ecotovards and biological cosmetics in our area. That's why we decided to open an Internet store for the sale of natural and health-friendly means and Ekotov for home.

Another reason for the emergence of the EcoIntellect Internet store was personal involvement in a healthy way of life, a great desire to live in harmony with nature and the surrounding world. We are choosing a shopping range, and many products are being tested on our own, so we can safely say that our product is harmless, completely natural and does not harm human health or the environment.

We are willing to provide any assistance in the choice of means to organize a cozy and harmonious eco-boat. It's important for us to think about our clients, we appreciate our reputation, we have all the official documents we need, and we only work with proven eco-brends and producers. We have close friendship with many permanent buyers. We hope that our familiarity will be useful and pleasant to you, too.

Home Ecopodation
The foundation of a full and happy life is health. By replacing harmful domestic chemistry with organic cleaning and cleaning substances and artificial cosmetics on biologically active crems and shampoos, Not only will you take care of the health of your family, but you will also preserve the environment of our planet for future generations.

On a daily basis, you use various means of caring for the house and for yourself, we suggest you replace them with the exotic. The words “bio”, “organic”, “eco” mean that you have ecologically clean products that do not use harmful chemical compounds for human health and nature.

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