Basic Principles Of Green Cleaning

БЕЛЫЙ КОТ-Умные ЭКОтовары для

Экологичные средства green care PROFESSIONALThe clean-up of the enterprise is necessarily linked to the use of a variety of cleaning materials. Often, dozens of drugs are used in one room. But are they safe for your clients and employees? What influence do they have on the environment?

With care of people

The health of your staff depends to a large extent on the cleaning materials. With coatings and furniture, the components of the funds go into the air and, together with it, into the respiratory path. If the composition of my skin is too aggressive, it could lead to headaches, dizziness and nausea. Make sure that the drugs you use do not contain chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, steep odor.

Data World Health Organization 30 to 40 per cent of the world ' s population is allergic and 4 per cent of the population is asthmatic. To maintain a normal sense of self-reliance, such people need to ensure that the cleaning materials used in the workplace do not contain allergens or contribute to the symptoms of asthma.

Экологическая маркировка товаровHow do we establish that there are no listed components in the equipment? It's not always easy to get involved. Typical swap consists of between 5 and 15 different substances, whose names are only understood by the specialist.

Environmental labelling is intended to help you choose safe cleaning materials. The European flower, the North Swan and the Lifeline are awarded only drugs that are harmless in use, including inhalation. The majority of these funds are also hyper-allergenic.

With water

It's no secret that after the use of cleaning materials with wastewater, they're entering water bodies. Where traditional cleaning materials are used, this has undesirable consequences. Synthetic Synthetic Perverse Substances (SPA) that are part of them threaten the normal functioning of aquatic organisms, and their slow degradation only exacerbates the problem. Phosphates, which are a common component of many washing powders, cause uncontrolled algae breeding - so-called water flow. Decomposition of dying algae leads to absorption of large quantities of water-solved oxygen, which has a devastating effect on fish and other water-borne populations.

To preserve the health of water bodies, use biodegradable cleaning materials that do not contain phosphates. When they enter the water, they are rapidly destroyed to minerals that are safe for the environment and can be reused by plants and incorporated into the biological cycling.

Eco-labelling of Europe ' s Colour, North Swan and Lifelines can be recognized.

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