Syroedche Greek

рецепты для сыроедов

Preparedness time: 6.0 minutes

Varca kills vitamins in the crup, and this is a very simple and hopeful way of cooking. Look at the recipe.

Description of preparation:

Greek needs to be removed, cleaned under water and poured with warm water (not more than 40 degrees). In 6 to 8 hours, the Greek will be ready.
Appointment: For breakfast / for lunch / for dinner /
Main ingredient: Crups / Greek
Bludo: Garniers
Dieta: Postal meals / Vegetarian meals / Recipes for wetting /

  • Grey Croup 1 Stakan
  • Water - 2 Stakanes

Number of cases: 2-4

How to make "Syroedic Greek Catha."

Greek needs to be taken from the trash.

The crup will be thoroughly cleaned under the water to clean.

Secure the walnut with room temperature (not more than 40 degrees).

Cover the thickness with the roof and leave the crup for 6-8 hours.

Six hours later, my cat was ready. Useful, delicious and saltless. It's a beautiful tool to purify the organism and degrade. Enjoy!

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