Simple Recipe From Cheese Champagne


блюдо из сырых шампиньоновThe syroid will never be hungry when the kitchen grows wheat all the time. I make wheat or other grains every day. Tonight, a little bit of grain was raised that washed last night. Not everyone's cursed, but the wheat's already dryed, cleaned up and ready for consumption.

I've tried some of the red champagne and I didn't like it very much. Now I'm going to try them not in pure form, but to make a dish out of growing wheat and cheese champagne.

Gribami cheesed wheat

  • glass of powdered wheat
  • 3-5 fresh champagne
  • 1 garlic tooth
  • acute pepper (if you want a sharp version)
  • universal right
  • salt
  • 1st bed of vegetable oil

The presence of all ingredients is not necessary!

How to cook

All ingredients need to be mixed. How to grow a wheat I used to write. The mushrooms are mine, we clean them up, and we're cutting thin plates. We're going to wipe the tape. The oil, the right and the salt taste, but don't overdo it so you don't overdo the soft taste of the champagne. You could add some kind of green.

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