Poisoned Chechen

Poisoned Chevy is probably the best food for cheese!

проращивание чечевицыThe brushed cheek on the row with the mush (mung beans) is one of the most delicious garriers for the raw food. Chechen, I think this is the best meal for cheese in the price/quality category. Its relatively low cost, the high quality vegetation protein content and the vast range of useful vitamins, micro and macro elements make Chevitz an unusual food product. And the growth rate makes it a very practical product in the kitchen. Uncle Zeland would probably call her a food product of new civilization.

One of the most amazing properties of the lenient is the increase in vitamin C after growing from 2-3 mg to 65 mg per 100 g product (for comparison, in lemon 40 mg). Just think! How many times the vitamin C content grows! Also, when you grow up in the chef, there's a large number of potassium, magic, iron, zinc and selenium. That's why a fermented chevic is recommending the use of pregnant women.

Chevy breeding

пророщенная чечевицаYou'd better use a big green cheek to grow. The beans need to be cleaned carefully, then pour water, remove those that have not drowned. Then wet clean water for the night. The water should cover the cheek top by 2 cm. The soap to pour water and cover the wet tissue (marleys). In the course of the day, it is desirable to wash the cheek 1-2 times. We're gonna have to get some stuns by tonight. When the cheek has not grown up, it can already be used in raw form, but it's better to wait for a vitamin cocktail, because on the second day the cheek grows contains as many useful substances as possible.

Chechen salad

Chechvia has a soft taste in itself and is therefore combined with any product. Add to any salad a prophecy chef and it'll never get worse. And the benefits of this salad will bring more than once! Consistence is soft, so it'll be good to combine salads with cruising peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, etc.

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