Pican Bread

Доброе утро, или как начать

Preparedness time: 12.0 minutes

Pican breads are delicious cheesecake breads prepared for all the cheese drip rules. These breads will not only like cheese, but all the others are delicious!

Description of preparation:

I can tell from my experience that usually pictant bread tastes not only raw, but also people with traditional tastes and standard diet. The use of such bread is universal, and it can be eaten just like that (so delicious, I'll tell you), you can use it as a basis for sandwiches (general or conventional). Just making the prescription even more valuable.

I hope you like the prescription: Good luck!
Main ingredient: Séméka
Bludo: The sandwiches
Dieta: Cheese recepts


  • Tomatoes - 2 Stucks
  • Green garlic strings - 2
  • Chesnok - 2 Zubčka
  • Oakop, kinza, pet--
  • Purple - 3-4 Stuk
  • Lina seed - 1 Stakan
  • Semen of the junta - 1/3 Stakan
  • Sunflower seeds - 1/2 Stakan
  • - Species.

Number of cases: 4

How to make Pican breads.

Among ingredients, vegetables and seeds. The seeds are sold in markets and supermarkets, and buying them isn't a problem.

Vegetables and greens are smashed to homogeneity with blenders, seeds smash into flour with, for example, coffee milk.

We're laughing at the glued ingredients, mice of them is a dense testo. The gustot can be regulated by adding glued seeds or water.

We take a piece of pergament paper, we share our testo. The bread is on a radiator (for crudes, it's not thermal treatment, because the temperature on the radiator is 36-38 degrees) and if it's summer, it's just in the sun.

I've had bread on the radiator for about 10 hours. See how they get the right consistance, they're ready.

Pican breads are good to use instead of normal bread for cheese sandwiches. Enjoy your meal!

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