Pastila, Cheese-Daughter

лист дегидратора в любую

пастила сыроедческая, сыроедение, рецепты, рецепты для сыроедов, сыроедческое блюдо, сыроедческие сладости, живые сладости, заказать, купитьA lot of people will remember this wonderful childhood locomotive. I remembered it as a magical village sweet, one of the memories of summer, hoover trips to grandparents, who sometimes made grazing from the apples and therna straight on the roof, under the sun, and then we ate it, oxy, sweet, a little tractive, sparkling sunshine.

In urban settings, and in winter, in the sun, of course not fate, but in the dryer, or if the temperature is disrespectful, in an open oven, very real!

Pastil can be prepared from apples, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, kiwis and other fruits, add nuts and berries. I've seen the prescriptions where the watermelon is added! I haven't really tried it yet. In experience, the more sore fruit or berries, the thiner and elastic is getting pastil.



  • Apples - 8 s
  • Lies: cinnamon, ginger, muscular nuts, nails - a little bit.
  • It's a good mood, but it's only a little, you know!

How to prepare:

  1. The apples are washed, cleaned, cleaned of the seeds, petty cuts, blank in the blender.
  2. Add hammer spices.
  3. Distribute a mixture of thin layer (approximately 5 mm) to the silicone or tephlon mat, or, if not, to the baking paper (perhament) (I never had the last option, the tephlons are the best).
  4. Put it in the dryer/dehydrate/spirit. If there's a few adversaries or sublets, change them periodically. The prepared pastile should be a little rusty, not sticking to your fingers, not suffocating, well separated from the rug or leaf.
  5. Ready! Enjoy your cooking and eating!
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