Orehovo-Dry Cake

Сыроедческие рецепты

Орехово-грушевый-тортYou know, I understand very well those who find it hard to go to cheese because of sugar addiction, I'm the one who's been so hard on me, too! But among living food, there's something that can help us with this addiction, and then get rid of it, it's honey and dry fruit. Don't be upset if your hand pulls to chocolate, don't blame yourself, just try the sweets from the raw diets. Like a peanut cake!

To make a new year's cheese-dry cake, you need:


• Funduk - 1 glass (200 g)
• Banana, 1st.
• Carrots 1st.
∙ Pears - 3 s.
∙ Finics - 10 s.
* honey - 3 beds
* Cinnamon tastes

Preparation: You'll have a pound in the blender for an hour. Separately wipe the carrots, the banana and the four or five Finns. Add two medal spoons of copper and cinnamon in good taste, make fun of it. Congratulations, the King's test is ready! Get him on the dishes with the sideboards.
For the cream, purified pears in the blender, three dates and one meadow. Put the cream on the crust. Steal in the shower (I used Mac and fresh strawberries) and then put the nut-berry cake in the refrigerator, preferably for the night, to create density.

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