Green Cocktail Recepts

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For those interested, I want to move a little off the IncredibleSmoothies site.
How do you make a delicious green cocktail?
1. Add the liquid.
Liquidity needs the blender to purify your green without problems. Just so the smurf isn't too thick. The liquid may be:

  • Filthy water
  • Fruit, vegetable or berry juice
  • Young milk (green coconut) plus his jelly white flesh.
  • Milk of seeds and nuts (kunjut, almond)

    The author does not recommend the use of animal milk for cocktails, she says that green is cleaning, but the milk is the other way around.

2. Choose the BASIC Fruit
In order to give the cocktail a pleasant, dense textur needs to be chosen not by the juice but by the fibrous and tighter. fruit as a base..such as

  • Persian
  • Banana
  • Pears
  • Apple
  • Mango, Papaia, Durian (for those who in the tropics decide to experiment)

I don't want to choose watermelons, vineyards, oranges as a base, and it'll be too liquid. They can be added for taste.

It's not worth avocado or coconut meat too. If you'd like to add calories, add not more than 1 avocado to your cocktail.

3. Funny tastes.
In your cocktail, you can add any fruit that you like and that will be good with the basic fruit. It could be:

  • any berries
  • citrus fruit (opelsin, lime, lemon, blank, grape)
  • pineapples et al fruit with bright taste

In order to find new delicious connections, the website author recommends that sheds be looked at in stores where yogurts and juice have been stored, whose taste has been taken by a lot of means... and a ready recipe can be seen right on the package picture) The author also finds ideas for combinations... in the candles... and there's inspiration.
The author ' s favorite tastes:

  • Banana (baza) - strawberries
  • Mango (basa)-
  • Prush (base) - orange
  • Apple (base) - black

It's also possible to diversify the taste of smurry (if you're in transition and you haven't tried "naturality" yet:

  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • Peri
  • Finn
  • Cocoa cheese, crab

It is further recommended that fruit and water be stuck in the blender and be engaged in Pulse mode.

4. We add green.
It's not easy to eat a pint or a pet... but in a cocktail it tastes so much that such cocktails can be loved by children.

You can choose a green with a neutral taste.- spinate, different types of salad. But then, as you get used to taste, you can start experiments with wildlife, bot and frosting, snoring. ♪ ♪
5. Move.

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