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Ананас-Кинза. Детокс-коктейль

A product category like green can't be ignored. Although some still believe that green is just a little tasteful addition to salads and other dishes. But even those who understand that green is very rich with vitamins and micronutrients contain many irreplaceable amino acids and want to use it more, but how? Living a bunch of rabbit instead of an appetite chicken is kind of weird...

For thousands of people, the sign of green started after the book came out. Victoria Butenko " A land for life "♪ Victoria and her family have been cured with " incurable " diseases in a short period of time, moving to raw materials, and after a few years of exceptional commodity, Victoria has invented a way to use a large number of greens - green cocktails. Since the publication of the book, Victoria has received many letters from people who have not made such radical changes in their diet as Commodity transitionbut very well improved their health by using a green cocktail every day.

This book has interesting data, such as tables on amic acid and nutrients in greens compared to other products. It was particularly striking that green turns out to be rich with proteins, and that is the proteins that are best suited to human organisms.
By the way, many Western scientists are talking about the benefits of plant proteins. Professor Colin Campbell claims, for example, that " there is a lot of evidence that so-called low-quality plant proteins contribute to slow but sustainable synthesis of new proteins and thus are the most healthy type of protein " .

But the most valuable thing you can get out of this book is a positive attitude and practical cocktail recipe. They're delicious, vitamin, and they're fine. Some green cocktails drink even kids.

A few prescriptions for you.

Recepta 1
4 very mature kives; 1 mature banana; 2 cups of water; 3 stalks.

Figure 2
Big rabbit, banana, glass of water.

Recipe 3
Green salad leaves, two apples, a glass of water, two stellers, a little rabbit.

Interesting combinations are also produced with berries, baseball, avocados. Your favorite combination will only be found by sampling and error.

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