Cyrus Candy

едим их почти каждый день

Good cheese candy from good products is a beautiful dessert for every day and for a holiday.


For darkness:

  • 100 g Figs (or Finns)
  • 50 g plums ( fresh or frozen) or other acid fruit or berries
  • 100-150 g almond
  • 50 g cashew (or other nuts)

For lights:

  • 50 g coconut oil (possible household)
  • 1-2 banana
  • 40-50 g coconut
  • 50 g

How to make cheese candy:

  1. Let's get some food. Coconut butter I make my own home coconut milk, the bank sees the top layer, which is separated from milk coconut butter.


  2. With the help of the blender, we're smashing into a homogeneous mass of figs, plums, hammer aldale.
  3. Or a blender, or just a fork grind a banana, coconut butter, add a coconut.


  4. Formulated from prepared mixtures of candy. In the dark in the middle, we squeeze the cash, in the light, purified almonds. We seal our nuts.
  5. We're going through dark candy in a hammer of almonds, lights in a coconut.


  6. We put it in the closing form and put it in the freezer. We'll move the uniform to the fridge for a while.

We're serving cheese candy with mandarin, nuts.

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