Cheesy Wheat

каша из репы и тыквы

syroednay-kashaIn this tape, I'll share a great breakfast recipe with you, which makes a lot of my friends realize that cheese is not just living and reinvigorating food. It's also damn good! And today we have a cheesecake for breakfast! In this recipe, I used wheat teens, they're always in my hand in the fridge, but they can be replaced with lips or oves, which is exactly what you're doing. The same thing with the berries, I added cherries and black sorodine to the castle, but as an option, we could use strawberries, plums, red snot, small, cranberry (only add more copper) or the morning wouldn't be sweet, :


  • Sprayed wheat - two full mountains
  • Banana, 1st.
  • Frosted berries - 100 g
  • Med is one bed.
  • Cinnamon is cheek, if you wish.
  • Base lids or mints - 2-3 st.

Preparation: You're gonna bleed the teens to the peasy state, then add bananas to them, frozen berries, honey, and get back to the potassium consist. Put it in the bow and put it in the taste of either whole berries or coconuts. Cheese is ready! Have a good day.

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