Cheese Vegetable Salad

Салат с гранатом и орехами

A very useful and delicious salad from raw vegetables. It'll be good for winter.

It's one of our favorite salads. And the favorite dishes are always appropriate, and in the wake and in the holidays! The main taste of this salad gives a kinza, in the most extreme case (for indulgents of kinza) it can be replaced by a pearl.


  • about 400 g beetles (may be less than 300 g or taste)
  • about 400 g carrots
  • about 400 g of white cabbage (maybe rings, red)
  • (or pie)
  • vegetable oil
  • Oxus apple (or lemon juice)
  • salt

Preparing salad from raw vegetables:

  1. Prepare salad products.
  2. I'm going to clean up the raw bee and wipe it in the middle tread.
  3. Also wipe and purified cheese carrots.
  4. We can't do this.
  5. Cinema.
  6. Vegetables and greens mix in a big cup, add oil, vinegar, asafétis.
  7. The cheese vegetable salad, toss it. Stay strong.

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