Cabach Pasta

Кабачки 40г. Авокадо 20г

Preparedness time: 15 minutes

Simple and useful recipe for buckle paste. It's also gonna take some of the ice cream oil that's raw.

Description of preparation:

To prepare a shepherd from a cab, use a combian or a Korean vegetable turf. Get your skin off the cabbage and wipe the tread. Fill oil, garlic and spices. Good luck!
Appointment: For dinner / for dinner / for an ambulance
Main ingredient: Vegetables / Cable
Kitchen Geography: Russian kitchen
Dieta: Postal meals / Vegetarian meals / Recipes of raw materials / Nizcocalorium

  • A young man's cart, one.
  • Oak - 5 Gram
  • Chesnok - 5 Gramm
  • Vegetable oil - 1-2 St spoons
  • Sole is good.
  • Pepper's black hammer.

Number of cases: 2-3

How to make "Past of Cubacocks."

Prepare the vegetables and therc for Korean vegetables.

Clear the booby trap. Get on the tread.

Prepare a gas station. Mix the salt, pepper black, garlic, rabbit and butter.

Fill the cable with the mixture. Ready!

It was a miracle! Finally, you found the exact recipe you were looking for. You can't argue that pasta from the booths is a great dish. We invite you to look closely at the information on how to cook pasta from the booths in the home. As you have already noticed, the preparation recipe contains not only a detailed description of each step, but also a photo that helps avoid errors during work. Remember, you can always use your fantasy with courage and change the classic composition of ingredients of a product of your taste. Lovely buckles and spices will add to your masterpiece an exquisite and inexorable aromat. Take a note that it is desirable to always consider the calories of individual products to remain beautiful and healthy. Let the culinary be your favorite time and a great hobby!

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