Broccoli Code

Салат из брокколи и цветной

Коктейль из брокколи

Preparedness time: 10 minutes

Useful cocktails become increasingly popular every day and can be cooked from different vegetables and fruits. This broccoli cocktail contains a lot of vitamins and is low-calorium.

The broccoli contains the mass of vitamins and various micronutrients that our organism needs for normal life, so I suggest that this vegetable be included in my diet, and not just those who decided to drop extra pounds. Broccoli can be cooked in various ways, such as cooking or urinating, but it will be more useful and faster to make a broccoli cocktail in the home. So, you're gonna get the best of this vegetable, but this simple recipe has a broccoli cocktail and one shortness to get used to his taste for a long time.

(1) For starters, we separate 4-5 from the broccoli from the very large colossoms, scrub them under the water, dry them, and then cut them to pieces.

(2) Now we're putting broccoli in the blender's cup, adding the leaves of the spinach and pouring water, the amount of it can be changed depending on the composition of the cocktail.

(3) Let's turn the blender on, and we'll reboot the contents of the cup to the homogeneous state.

Let's get a ready drink and get our vitamins and good. Enjoy!
Appointment: For breakfast / for half a day / for an ambulance
Main ingredient: Vegetables / Brockcoli / Spinat
Bludo: Drinks / Cocktails / vegetables
Dieta: Diet food / Receptacles Commodities


  • Large broccoli - 4-5 Stuk
  • Leaf of spinach - 500 Gram
  • Water - 1 Stakan

Number of cases: 3-4

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