Blind Cake

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Blind cake.

It's not so important to respect the right proportions in this recipe, but it's important to experiment and find its own, maybe even a more delicious version of its cake! I want to point out that all the ingredients of this cake are easily replaced.

I recommend adding butter to coconut and cocoa powder if, of course, they are available. If you don't, you can do great without them. Coconut is the best thing to take a brown skin in a duet with fiction, to get a great cake color. It's better to take the honeymoon, the burner or any other, the dark. And then, you're going to be able to do this great rust, like you just got off the oven!

Cheese cake recept

  • Grumpy nuts - one glass;
  • Kernels - 1 glass (Mindal);
  • Quuraga - half-staff;
  • Phoenica - one glass;
  • Izum - one glass;
  • Natural honey - 3 tea spoons;
  • Cinnamon and vanilla - 1 tea spoon;
  • Lemon is half;
  • Two glasses.

The main thing about this cake is, of course, blind cream. But! With the same success, for example, pineapple or peaches can be made by simply replacing the blind with the appropriate berries or fruit. It's easy to guess, it's very simple and fast.untitled Blind melym in the blender with any syrup to your choice, or copper (between lips, flower or bottom). It would also be nice to add a almond or coconut milk. Read the subtle.

For the skin, we mix the mouse, nuts, wicks, raisins, cinnamon, and the skin of the limon floor to homogeneity, we can add a drop, or a spoon of tea oil, and we put a layer in two cm on the plate. We're putting a little chicken up top, pouring all the blind cream. The cream is produced by mixing separate blind, lemon juice, water and vanilla with honey. So we put out the next layer... ♪

2-450x450 Турецкая баклава

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