World Without Cancer And Vitamin In 17

Healing from cancer and vitamin
Гамбургер без прикрас
The answer is no longer in science, but in the policy of an approach to oncology, it is hidden in the economic motivation of those who dominate medical business. If billions of dollars go every year to cancer research, other billions (over hundreds of billions) come from the sale of medical equipment, surgery, hospitalization and pharmaceuticals, then we have a very understandable picture: more people die from cancer. And if a solution can be found in a simple vitamin, there's a giant industry that, by itself, is fighting against it. Pharmaceutical companies conduct research only on the chemical connections they invent; thus, if the cure is approved, they have exclusive rights to sell it. And they'll never go to research on simple food that can't be patented by them, and sell at any supermarket.

Vitamin V17 (Letryl, Amigdalin) is one of the most controversial vitamins of the last decades. From a chemical point of view, the substance is the compound of two sugar molecules (benzendehyde and cyanide), known as Amigdalin, which are rich in apricots. Vitamin B17 is called the perfect chemotherapy agent, who works selectively on cages, attracts to cancer cells that contain beta glucose, destroys them without destroying healthy tissue. It appears that it has special features to prevent and contain cancer. In addition, This substance acts as a painkiller, improves exchange processes, slows the ageing process.

In ancient Egypt and China, a bitter almond was used as a cure. In 1802, one chemist obtained synyl acid from it, and in the 1830s scientists found that it was formed at the dissolution of Amigdalin.

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