принципов сыроедения

One of the oldest habits of people is the consumption of raw food. When the fire had not been opened, our ancestors were feeding raw fruit, vegetables, roots, berries, birds, meat, fish. It's strange, usually for ancient times, cheese is getting popular nowadays. For some, it's a diet, and for others, it's a way of life.

Commodity followers say that since an ancient man was able to feed only raw products and felt excellent, it means that human beings are programmed from nature. Their arguments include vitamin complexes, animals and vegetation cells, chemical elements present in raw products. They do not eat products and dishes that have been thermally processed. This is explained by the fact that, allegedly with raw fruit and vegetables, solar heat and energies can be obtained because the plants feed into their growth.

сыроедение вред There is also a group of adherents of raw materials, whose representatives believe that contact with the dishwasher has lost their energy value. The material from which the dishes are made is of no value to them.

Many adherents eat raw meat and fish. They are confident that these products are very useful in an unprocessed form, despite their animal origin. However, most of the cheese vegetarians are buried. There are also many vegans who don't even use food like honey, cheese, eggs, milk.

As a feeding system, irrigation has both negative and positive sides. Every one of them needs to be dealt with carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the damage caused by the raw materials.

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