To Lose Weight In A Month

The real story is how I lost 15 kilos
За неделю удалось выстроить

There's nothing more convincing than the stories of the deterioration of the real people who did it. Starting with me. Talking about how I lost 15 kilos in my home environment.

In the article, I told you that the winter last year weighed 75 kg and now just over 60s. In six months, I changed the 50th size to 44th.

At that time, I was working in a woman's glazing, writing about phytnes and nutrients, suggesting to others how to lose, actively communicate with dietologists and finally decided that it would be good to apply the knowledge gained in practice. I wasn't gonna sit on hard diet or deny myself any pleasure for weeks and months. Instead, I developed general principles that worked well. I'm not saying they're perfect or they're gonna do anything. I'm just sharing with you the experience of a healthy mishap: how to lose it in weeks.

1. I thought I'd be thin, but right.

Without meals, you can lose one kilo per day, but they'll leave mainly at the expense of water and muscle tissue. The first one will come back easily. The second one, on the contrary, won't be easy to recruit. Dietologists are convinced that it's safe to lose no more than 500 grams a week (or 1 kg if the person is very full). In addition, after a severe diet, the organism will start recruiting calories from the air.

2. Calculate the number of kilocalories a day that will make me feel safe.

It's a three-step task. To solve it, it's enough to know your growth, weight and age.

Action one. We'll figure out the basic exchange-- the number of kilocalories that the organism spends a day in any case, even if you sleep around the clock. To this end, there are several formulas from which I chose the Harris-Benedict equation:

9, 5634 x weight(kg) + 1,849 x growth(c) - 4,6756 x age in years + 655, 0955.

In my case, 169 cm, 38 years of age, there were approximately 1,500 kcals.

Action two. Determine the real exchange of substances in case you're not only sleeping. Behave a seating lifestyle (as I did at the time) - multiply the number from first action to one, two. Active Fitness, 1, 55. I made 1,800 rocks.

Action three. Of the second act, you'll take 200. It's just that you need to reduce the daily diet to lose a week's weight. I realized that my limit was 1,600 kcals.

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