That I Eat

Роман Манихин

What are you eating? What's in the plate?

I'll tell you about my power system.

Although the system is a loud word. I don't count calories, vitamins and micronutrients, I don't buy expensive biodoctors. Rather, it's a set of simple rules. They've been serving me for 10 years, and as long as I'm okay.

I grew up in a family where I had a cult of food. Where they loved to eat with pleasure, and they were good to cook. Well, you know families that don't recognize store food and specially read "domestic" meals.

No wonder I'm a fat boy. When I grew up, all sorts of snowflakes were added to the macaron house: chips, chocolate bars and plumber boots.


One day I started walking into the gym. As it was before, my weight just took off to the sky (99 kg) - the muscles started to add to the fat:

On my left for 20 years, I weigh 99 kg with 173 cm. On the right, I'm today. I weigh 29 kg less.

After a while, I started reading stories on the bodibilder websites on " Sport food " . What are the recommendations? More protein, less fat and carbs. You'll be muscle and dry.

And I've moved on to this power: a light milk, chicken breasts, white rice or a Greek on water.

I lost 20 kilos in two months.


One day, I've had a famous cult book, the Hungry Man of Paul Bragg. The book, more like the myth of eternal youth, gave me a powerful impulse. Suddenly, it turns out that I've been eating awfully wrong before, and cheese is a practical magical way to get rid of all the problems and diseases.

After Bragg, I read another five. commodity books and naturalism, and registered in the commodity forum. The atmosphere was very positive, and I would say romantic. People discussed products, together solved the health problems of a participant. There was a discussion, that is, not everyone was fanatic cheese odders, there were sceptics. Well, a very valuable resource.

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