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Cheating is a nutritional system that completely excludes the use of any food that has been processed in heat (jark, barke, custody, copying, cooking, etc.).

Cheating is food for non-treated products. These include fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, evils, all that grows and fits in the form in which it occurs in nature.

All the living creatures of our planet, other than human beings, eat as much of their favorite food as they want, and they don't get any sick or extra weight. And the only person who puts himself in, suffers from all kinds of diseases and doesn't think of his life without medicine.

Cheating, or vitarianism, is a food system based on the consumption of all products only in raw form, without any thermal treatment. In fact, it is a special, stricter and more rigid form of vegetarianism.

Surface is a separate food system where only those products that have not been processed thermally are used in food. It's not just raw vegetables and fruit. This feeding system allows the use of dried fruit, powdered crups, glued meat and fish, eggs and seafood. Some of the raw materials are more stringent, while others are less.

Cheating isn't just a food system, it's a whole philosophy, it's a special attitude to nature and animals. Cheating is a special kind of thinking, a lifestyle of nature.

Cheating is a philosophy of goodness, openness of nature. Life in harmony with the world around us, under the law of the universe. Don't kill or cause evil. So the raw foods usually don't eat meat because animals are part of nature, they also have the right to exist.

Cheating is a way of life filled with harmony and happiness. Harmony with nature and himself. The syroids have a pure body they clean with hunger. Clean thoughts and thoughts. A clean body contributes to the cleansing of the internal world.

Cheese is health. Living in harmony with nature, respecting her laws, you get health and longevity. The cheesecakes always have a great, positive mood. The life of cheese is filled with happiness and joy.

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