Mind Milk

Зеленый кофе с имбирем

Mind milk is a very useful and delicious drink! It can and should be used instead of cow milk. The milk cow contains 100 mg calcium and 370 mg per 100 g. In addition, the almond is rich in vitamins and micronutrients. Mindal contains vitamin B1 - 16, 7 per cent, vitamin B2 - 36, 1 per cent, vitamin B6 - 15 [...]

If you're bored with fruit just like that, you can make them delicious and useful salad. Making a fruit salad is a pleasure, and eating, and a long time ago! Besides, it's just a berry season, you can't lose the opportunity to have a fruit salad with berries.

The use of fresh fruit and greens is a remarkable recovery. And the cheese-dry cocktail from all this luxury is particularly useful, as it retains all vitamins and cage in a light-tracked form.

Composition of the cocktail: A non-alcoholic berry with coconut milk from one-two coconuts, a bunch of cherries with no bones, a bunch of fresh pineapples, how to cook a cocktail of all ingredients to blender and mix. Ananas will add fresh acidic notes to the taste of cocktail. But without the pineapple, it works. Very good.!

Popular Spanish cold soup gazpacho (gaspacho) is sometimes referred to as "little salad." That name is well-founded, because the Gaspacho cooks exclusively from fresh vegetables. There are many recipes of Gaspacho that differ in the composition and proportions of ingredients.

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