Machine And Soy Dinner In Moscow (For Cheese)

В меню только живые блюда из

You run the risk of not detecting a coffee shop at the time of the World Prospect, Ul. Gylarovsky, d. 60, p. 2. On the street itself, only dentals and beauty salons, a couple restaurants.

To get to the place of destination, we have to go to the yard of 60, dive between houses 58 and 56. But there's no sign or anything.

And if you look at the basement floors of the gray living building, you'll get two doors from different ends.

One to the store and the other to the cheese club café cheesecake.

But it was before. Since June 2014, the location of the first and only in Russia Café changed. It moved to M. Dobrinsky (Serpukhovsky) (5/3min), Ul. Lucinsky 12 and changed the name to Skaterty-Sambronka. (tel. 8(9) or 9(4) - Call necessarily, they move, they may not work.

To the store first.

Soap and shampoo are mostly from Frolov.

And enough low-cost Trifoliatus based on soap nuts.

There are many: “living” olives, dried tomatoes, oils of all species and classes, dry fruits, nuts, urbeche etc.

I bought a urn from white lion seeds. I'll tell you right away. It's a very blunt consistance, it's stuck to the sky. The taste is expressed. They put it in the salads, and they stir it up in the salads.

All store supplies are available online. If you order a catalog, they'll be delivering no problem. By the way, prices are very democratic compared to other healthy food points.

Permanent customers, or even friends of a cheese-dry café club, blond rushes with long beards and bandages along the forehead on an ancientislavian manner, with deep-thinked views and suffocated votes. Girls are also thematic: long hair, long clothes, mysterious face expressions.

Stellas are Megre's books about Anastasia and others on the subject of the Slave Creation.

The furnace is wooden, there's couch.

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