Like And Why I Became A Cheesecake

Отличная тема, которой стоит

This is not simply a description of the transition to another form of nutrition, which contains some attempt to systematize and consolidate raw materials. Most of all this is a confession for you, a dear starter of cheese, which, I dare hope, will help to avoid doubts and mistakes, and even inspire the subways... Maybe my example will help those who are not entirely confident in their own power to make sure that the transition to raw materials is possible even when you don't believe in it.

I'll try to describe in detail how this change happened to me, which I feared and wished with the same force. For a while, my soul has become a battlefield of two ideologies, one of which has been habitual and convenient and the other one is reasonable and promising. The battle was heavy, because both rivals were almost equal in power. Practice, as always, has been a test of the truth and has condemned the victory to a worthy...

It was inevitable. But not dramatic, but joyful and legitimate. I think I should start with my marriage, because this act, without exaggeration, changed my whole life, giving me the impetus, and the direction for development. (Really, at that point, I'm talking about it, if I've guessed, it's very embarrassing.)

So, the picture is, a corny, used to not deny anything, and yet a smoker (more for the company) and a drinker (for the holidays that have become more frequent), a hooded lover with zodiac signs (excited by censor)), a pragmatist and a cynic have married a vocal buttery. Anyway, in my eyes, he was almost ideal, practically without flaws. What he saw in me, I still can't understand, but he himself describes it: "I love you for your beautiful ass, dear," while detracting from a more worthy motive. Such a mesalian (not materially, but spiritually, as not only extra money, but even the wallets of both of us have not been used) has been possible because of two factors, the temporary dislocation of his glasses and my angularity and self-confidence.

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