Commodity Principles

Survival: fashion or life necessity?
Топ вредностей
Фото: Марта УховаHave you tried to feed only raw products, how do animals do that? No? Maybe you're right. The man has spent the millenniums trying to get fire and learn to cook food, making it more user-friendly. But as always happens when you find something, you're definitely losing something. What did we lose when we went to traditionally more delicious food, and what did we find so-called cheese eggs, rejecting the sedatives of the culinary?

Every commodity found his philosophy in one way known to him. One through extreme hunger, the other through diet, and the third is in a difficult search for healing from a heavy anxiety.Foto: Marta Uchowa But all of them now unite one thing: the nature of the food, and perhaps there's a sign of equality, lifestyle.

The main principle of raw food is neither heat nor paradise, nor fire at all. What is it then? It turns out there's still a lot of things left, and you don't have to lose at the shopping ponds in your thoughts: fruit, vegetables, honey, nuts, natural milk products, evils, perfect food for starter cheese. You can only drink clean water, sometimes dispersing it with honey. And no meat or fish. It's not easy to handle such tests.Foto. Marta Uchowa Commodity ideologists believe that millions of years have lived alone with nature and eaten its gifts, and only a few thousand years ago, someone invented a fire that kills all the useful elements and denounces people for disease and early death. Some even blame Prometheus himself. In fact, the cheesecake dreams of living for at least 150 years. Whether it will not be known yet, but the fact that among them far fewer people with chronic exchange diseases and cancer is a fact.

Metamorphoses and habits

Many believe that the raw materials are more severe vegetarians, but the amateurs of vegetables and fruit are categorically removed. Although this is usually the case, by gathering the will in the fist, the man refuses the meat, the next step is usually the renunciation of the fire to make lunch. A third step is only when there's a hunger, not a company or a bad mood.

The concept of raw materials is based on the view that, by feeding raw vegetable food, a person directly absorbs solar energy, a plant spared during his growth. The fire from the raw venom is a devastating start, and the food produced by it is biologically incomplete. They believe that the " merchandise " (so they call fans of cooking and cooking) is also bound by those few apples or pairs of nuts that they swallow by the way.

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