Cheese Is Diet Or The Only Right Food?

Правильное сыроедение

Сыроедение - диета или единственно правильное питание?In today ' s world, the feeding system of only raw products is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, occupations and lifestyles. Why is this happening? What's this feeding system so attractive? What is this, a popular modern diet or a way of life for the third millennium, generations of the future?

A lot of people think that wetting is natural food, natural food, such as nature, including raw meat, milk, raw fish, and eggs. I'd like to make it clear that this is food for natural raw vegetables, fruits, green plants, seeds and nuts.

People come to raw materials differently, but mostly because they're looking for an effective diet for worsening. Or health problems make it possible to find innovative ways to treat.Сыроедение - диета или единственно правильное питание? It's just that a man understands that official medicine can't do anything, and instead of treating a disease, he's trying to eliminate symptoms.

If you decide to go to strict cheese, don't consult the doctors. They'll be totally against it. There's a lot of reasons, but the most important thing is you're going against a whole system. This is neither necessary nor beneficial to doctors, nor to the State, nor to the drug manufacturers. Only you need to be healthy and happy, so you will have to take responsibility for your life entirely. It's hard and scary. But... No one but you need your health.

Сыроедение - диета или единственно правильное питание?What do you have to do with meds? It's pretty simple. If you recover, you will stop being consumers of their products.

Surveillance is so effective that most known diseases are removed♪ How? By purifying the organism from toxins, slags and other debris. There's a lot of garbage in human body that's flooding up to a few dozen kilos.

Why is the feeding of raw food purified?

Let's start by spending a lot of energy on the process of cooking. In doing so, he simply does not have reserves for purification, recovery and other vital processes. The Ugol Academy, as a result of research, concluded that the use of nutrient food in the organism begins with leukocytesis - the production of a large number of antibodies. Our own system, with you, sees nutrient food as a threat that must be addressed immediately.

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