Artem Dummy Cheesecake

Если вы уже сыроед

This book is dedicated to the evolution of human nutrition. Which means that if your mind is open to new knowledge and self-development, you'll find a lot of interesting and useful information.

It has become so that the information environment of both traditional nutrients and all kinds of raw materials with "prannoids" is filled with misconceptions and misinterpretation of facts. From categorical assertions about the irreplaceability of an animal protein or fanatic beliefs that "only monotropheous fermentation can heal man," to a very insane denial of modern scientific knowledge of the chemical composition and energy value of food. That is why the main purpose of this book is to provide scientific descriptions of the most important principles and features of the most optimum system of food, fruit. From the standpoint of the person, whose priority is to build a healthy, strong and enduring physical body. Adherence to this knowledge requires a person to be mindful and free from ignorance, prejudice and societal attitudes. Experiment, logic and discretion will therefore be the main assistants in understanding the information provided to the reader, and the main obstacle is fanaticism and bias towards science. The CD-ROM attached CD-ROM is packed in a special pulfan envelope and placed in a book.

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