Let's chat about recycle bins. Fun, huh? I live in a neighborhood that doesn't provide curbside recycling, therefore doesn't provide recycle bins. And to be completely honest, it's a pain to remember to do it! My family doesn't use much glass or plastic besides the weekly container of juice and milk, so I'd like to have a bin that can hold all of our recyclables until I have enough to justify a trip to drop them off.

I don't just want those open blue bins sitting in my kitchen, though. That's a bit of an eye sore. So I've been researching some other options and I'd like to share them with you.

This one is likely what I'll get. It matches my trash can so that's a bonus. (That's a werid sentence, huh?) This type of bin is offered just about anywhere, so look for it wherever there is a sale or you have a coupon.


This batch is great if you have space in your garage. I have space in my garage but I think that since I'm so new to this, I may run into an out-of-site-out-of-mind situation. I need mine to be visible.


I love these but I was unable to find out where you can actually find them. The place I found them was in the UK and that's a bit of a trip for me! They sure are cute though.

If you have little kids, these are perfect. You can label the outside with either a picture or a word to describe what belongs in each bin. You can find these at gaiam.com. I think they could be a great teaching tool! My son is only 8 months and I'm not sure I want him recycling his bottles and baby food containers... so we'll steer clear of this set!

So there you have it. I'm glad there are more options out there other than gigantic blue bins. I guess I need to break down and go buy one so that I no longer have an excuse. I think it'll uncork a bottle of wine so I will have something to practice with!