Between bills, junk mail, newspaper, and handouts, it seems that paper always ends up in our homes. You would think that it's goal in life is to bury us all alive!

We've gathered a few tips to help you cut out the paper clutter in your life.

1. Unsubscribe! Call the company or visit to opt out of the catalogs that you don't care about. Better yet, opt out of all of them and do all of your browsing online!

2. Split a subscription. Do you have a friend with the same magazine taste as you? Share a subscription with them and just pass the magazine along when you're finished reading it. When you've both read it, donate it to a local doctor's office or nursing home.

3. Buy online subscriptions. Newspapers and magazines offer online subscriptions, often at a lower cost. Read your news on your laptop! Most eReaders have the capability to feed newspaper articles. Extra bonus? No black newsprint on your fingers and no fighting with that giant paper!

4. Avoid paper towels. Dry your hands on a dish towel, clean with old t-shirts or towels, use cloth napkins. It's shocking how commercials have made us think that we need paper towels to wipe a spill. Do you know what's more absorbant than paper? Cloth! And it's reusable. Win win, my friend!

5. Online bill pay. Not only does it save you the cost of stamps and checks, it prevents the waste of paper bills and envelopes. Most companies offer a free monthly reminder via email along with electronic statements. They are available to you any time by a simple search! No more bursting file cabinets!

Obviously there are some times when receiving paper in unavoidable. When you have to purchase paper, choose the recycled option. And when you're done, put it right back in your recycle bin!