Recycling paper is probably the most straight forward. Junk mail, newspapers, printouts all get thrown in your bin. No issues there, but take a look to see if all of your recycled paper passes the following checklist.

DO recycle wrapping paper
DON'T include foil type wrapping paper
DON'T ignore your toilet paper rolls
DON'T recycle any wax lined papers (think milk cartons, juice boxes, candy wrappers)
DO add all of your unused phone books to your bin
DON'T worry about removing staples or minimal amounts of tape
DON'T ruin the rest of the recyclables with paper contaminated with food (cheesy and greasy pizza boxes)
DO break down your cardboard and cereal boxes before recycling

Hopefully that is a pretty comprehensive list. You can always call your local recycling center if you have a specific question. And don't forget to look for recycled paper products when you're making your purchases!